Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Write On, Dude!

'Write On, Dude!' is my new thing on Wednesdays. I will be discussing things related to writing in general, or just my writing. I'll probably have the same topic on Wednesday as I do for my Friday's Five.

Now, without further ado...

Today's topic is... Soundtracks

I like making sound tracks for my books. I'll even make soundtracks for character pairings. Most of my playlists are for the stories I'm writing; though I do have a playlist for Carrighan and Demetrios which is at this time, 55 songs like and always growing. It's mostly love songs, but that's fine with me! What kind of romance writer would I be if I didn't like love songs? I think that would be oddly ironic.

I love going to a writer's website and finding that they have a playlist for their book(s). I do prefer it, though, when they have a music player on their site with the songs they chose rather than just having the songs listed there in a list. I don't like having to look up all the songs on youtube, and I usually don't. I make a face of sadness then go away from the site.

I'm going to post up a playlist I created for one of the stories I was trying to work on and still may one day, once I get everything really together for it and sit  my butt down to write.

It's called They Called it Paradise. I'd explain what it's about, but I don't want to give anything away or drive myself away from it any more than I have already.

Eesh, that was harder then it should have been 0.0 Pretend the Nightwish song (this first one on there) has to voice.

Anyhows, that's my playlist for that story. I like it. I need to write this story. But there you go.

What's y'alls opinions on soundtracks for books/characters? Do you make then for your stories? What kinds of songs do you put on them?



  1. I love making soundtracks for stories! Helps me outline half the time.

  2. Soundtracks are awesome!! I am always listening to music while I write.


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