About Me

I'm Jesi Marie, writer extraordinaire. Or at least I pretend to be. I'm also a lover of pirates.

I write YA, in the crime sub genre right now. I have plans for a Sci-Fi esk one once I finish the duology I'm working on right now.  I hope to be published some time soon with the book I'm currently querying, The Doc Is In.

A little about the title of my blog This is a Blog: Who Talks Like That? I used to watch my friend play a game called Onimusha (awesome game, btw) and whenever she walked up to a ladder, it would say 'This is a ladder, will you go up?' After Onimusha came Onimusha 2 and there is this totally awesome character called Gogendantes (he's not the main character, Jubei is) and he talks really funny. At one point, Jubei's all like "who talks like that?" So there you go, the two parts of the name of my blog. I know the title seems a little lame, but I love it! I also have a tumblr called This is a Tumblr.

So stick around, say hello, read my random shenanigans, enjoy yourself, or it'll be the brig for you! Yarg matey and all that jazz :P

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