Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mmmm.... Shower

I think the shower is the best thing ever created.

Like, seriously.

During November, (I think just about everyone here knows what NaNo is) I failed. The story wasn't coming the way it should have been, it sucked, it was lame.

I've been fighting with the plot. I have the end. The end fuggin ROCKS! I want to write the end sooooo bad! But I don't write out of sequence.

Anyways, I have almost 5,000 words of my story and like... 4,800 words are going to go POOF. Cause they're no longer needed.

But that's okay! (kind of. There is one scene I love but it no longer fits :( ) I have my plot! Kind of! But that's okay! I know it is!

So happy!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to have a lovely post about stuff, that I was going to post today. But this was more important!!

Off to dance now!

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