Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rose Tint My World

It's Tuesday! And I actually went to writers group this week! Yey!

The 5 minute prompt this week was 'Does it hurt?'

The sound of the gun going off wasn’t the first thing that set Mikey off. He’d been in a bad mood since he woke up –not that his sociopathic nature gave much variance- and he really hadn’t wanted to take Zachary along on this job. 
But he had. 
And now he was paying for it. 
Zachary’s phone had gone off, the ring tone loud and rather annoying. Mikey, being in his bad mood, started yelling at the doof. Then the gun went off and Mikey found himself back against the wall, pain coursing through his body, blood dripping down his arm. 
“Oh my god!” Zachary yelled, about to fawn over the injured hit man, but a group of thugs was surrounding them. 
Zachary frowned and grabbed the gun Mikey had dropped. The rate at which the bullets flew, each hitting its intended target, actually made Mikey smile. 
Once each thug hit the ground like dominos, Zack dropped the gun and spun on his lover and boss. “Mikey!” 
All the pride Mikey had felt was gone and he frowned. It was back to absent minded Zack. 
“Dude…” Zack frowned as well. “Does it hurt?”
Zack actually saved the day! Go Zack! That last line is crap, I know it is. It was supposed to go better than that, but I ran out of time and hadn't even gotten the prompt in there. So I chucked that in there. But it's not so bad. The people in group seemed to find it a little confusing though. Is it?

Here are the word prompts for the week!

  • grim
  • decide
  • pirate
  • communal
  • numinous
Write some stories! Let me see 'em!



  1. Ahhh, love your "Rocky Horror" reference in the title :D At least I assume that's what it was from ;)

  2. Well, the action itself was pretty clear, but it was hard figuring out where the scene was taking place or what exactly their mission was. As always, loved the characters. :D So I take it Zack isn't usually the type to kick butt and take names?


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