Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's Five...

...things I like to drink while writing

All because I'm enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa right now. Yum...

1. Tea. And best make it a LARGE cup of tea. I prefer Earl Grey but a nice cup of Green or Lipton or some other kind of herbal. Just so long as I have sugar and the tea itself taste yummy.

2. Hot cocoa. Because where I typically write gets cold. And hot cocoa with Bailey's Irish Creme is AWESOME!

3. Starbucks. Typically it's a cold drink (White Chocolate Mocha frap, yum) because I prefer the cold drinks from Starbucks.

4. Screwdrivers. Because, come on, it's a fun drink. Just as long as there isn't too much vodka in the OJ and you end up getting super drunk.

5. Air. I've run out of things I like to drink while writing, haha.

Yes, there are two things on this list that are alcoholic. Or rather, one and a half. I don't always have Bailey's in my cocoa. But can you really blame me? It's the writer's disease: alcoholism. :P

Anyhows, that's my list! What do you guys like to drink when you're writing, if anything?


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