Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Five!

It's the Friday five. Just five random bits that, well, don't fit in with the theme of the blog, or I just don't feel like making a full blog post for.

1. I learned (from Qzie) this super cute code thingy. Go to Facebook and copy this code into the address bar (just the code, not the url as well)
javascript:(function(){fcb=function(d){ktndata=d;var p=document.getElementsByTagName('img');for(var i in p){p[i].width=p[i].width;p[i].height=p[i].height;p[i].src=d.items[Math.floor(Math.random()*(d.items.length))].media.m;}};if(typeof ktndata=='undefined'){var jp=document.createElement('script');jp.setAttribute('type','text/javascript'); jp.setAttribute('src',' tags=kitten&tagmode=any&format=json&jsoncallback=fcb'); document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(jp);} else{fcb(ktndata);}})()
Don't worry, as soon as you change pages, it goes away, so it wont stay that way for ever. But it's so cute!

2. My roommate got a laptop today, so there should be more writing done. Yey! Her last laptop randomly died, so she had to get a new one. She finally has. NaNo will be better this year! We write together, and her not having a computer messes with the flow of things.

3. My dog is going to be getting his balls chopped off. Know what that means? CONE OF SHAME! I'll post a picture of him if he ends up in one.

4. It's raining. Rain makes me SO happy! I love when it rains. It doesn't rain out here in SoCal very often, so when it does, I become a happy Jesi. :D

5. I've seen(am going to have seen) two movies this week. The Roommate was pleasantly creepy. The roommate chick freaked me out and I am glad I don't actually go to campus for my schooling. I never want a roommate who isn't someone I know personally. *shivers* Second movie is Unknown with Liam Neeson. I LOVE Liam Neeson. He's so smexy, and his voice is so delicious. Like Patrick Stump, who I -if I could- would marry his voice, both singing and speaking *swoons*

Thus ends my Friday Five! Have a good weekend! Happy Presidents day! (is that something normally said? haha)


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