Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Can't Wait to be King

So I've been MIA again, sorry! Don't kill me!

Anyways, schools going good, I'm proud of myself :) I'm only on my first two classes of this long venture, but it'll turn out good! i have faith!

Anyhow, I have two stories from writer's group for the five minute prompts. I'm sure I have more but I have to pull them out and type them up.

Here's the first. The prompt was 'Enough said'

“Enough,” said Michael, annoyance in his voice. He brought both hands up to his temples, hoping beyond hope that it would help.
“Dude, I wasn’t done,” Zack said with a slight pout. “So, there we were, me and Bill, standing at the top of the hill--”
“Zachary…” Michael warned. “I said ‘enough’. I do not want to hear this. And you should be worrying about the guns and ammo. I do not want a repeat of last time.”
“Last time was totally not my fault.”
“Yes it was! Not only did you sneeze-”
“It was dusty.”
“-but you packed the wrong ammo and forgot the silencer! We barely got out before the cops showed up!”
“Ok, ok, I get it, man.”
“No, I don’t think you do. I had to return thousands of dollars because the police got my hit and the client didn’t think I was competent enough to complete the job. That is one less client and one more bad word on the street!”
“I said I get it. Jeez.” Zack frowned and shuffled away towards one of the gun rooms, mumbling to himself.
I love using Michael and Zack for these little stories, as you may have noticed.

Here's the next story. The prompt was 'At the grocer'

“Meanwhile, across town at the grocer…
“Glass exploded as gun shots fired through the store. ‘You’ll never get me alive, coppers!’ the masked gunman yelled with a cynical laugh.
“‘Maybe the pigs can’t get you,’ came a majestic voice from the front doors. ‘But Doveman always gets his man!’
“‘You think you can get me?’ the gunman challenged. ‘Never!’
“‘Is that a challenge?’ Doveman smirked and in the blink of an eye he pulled a machine gun from under his cape. ‘Think again villain!’ And he opened fire--”
“Dude, that totally didn’t happen!” Bill said suddenly and laughed.
“Don’t questions me, dude. That’s totally what happened. At least that’s what I’m telling the real Doveman.” Zack nodded.
“He’s so not going to believe you.”
“Why not?”
“Because he’s Doveman, and he’s not a superhero.”
“Oh… right…” After a beat, he added, “Think I should use Custard man instead?” 
Bill is Zack's best friend and Doveman is what Zack calls Michael. Custard man is Michael's dad who's name is Kostya.

The five prompts for this week are (and these are weird)

  • tourniquet
  •  almsgiving
  • e-cquaintance  
  • fuse
  • expire
Good luck with those!

That's all I've got for you for now.


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  1. Your characters are so much fun. :D I've never heard of almsgiving. Apparently it's "making voluntary contributions to aid the poor". Learn something new every day.


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