Sunday, September 19, 2010


So, I want NaNo to start. Really bad. I need to be working on other things, but all I've got on the mind is NaNo. And a plot line that isn't even for NaNo. It'll be for one of the months next year when I'm writing. I'll have to pick a month. All in all, this distraction is giving me a mild case of writer's block >.< Not good when I have paying customers to make happy!

I also can't wait for all the writing to be done next year. It shall be great. I doubt all of the 6 novels will come out any good, but hopefully at least one of them will! I have faith!!

And now, the reason for this post.

On the NaNo boards, there's a thread about posting pictures of where you write. So many people have such pretty areas! Mine... looks like a prison. I've posted these pictures on the thread already (and had people say it looks like a prison), but I decided to share it here as well. :)

The door to the writing area. We (being me and my roommate) write in our building's community room. This is the door. Ain't it lovely?

This is the window on the door. I have a smiley face on there cause people like to look in and it's annoying. There's actually more paper there now, seeing as I took this picture last October or something.

This is a view through the window. The table isn't set up right in this picture, but you see that table with the chairs? That's where we sit. The room is all white and looks a lot like a padded cell.

This is a shot through the window. The chairs are set up right in this one. I sit in the one by the wall and my roommate sits in the chair facing the wall behind my chair. My view is a lovely white wall and a black couch, as well as the door.

So that is where I write. Despite it's bareness and how friggin COLD it gets down there, it's great for focusing on writing. There's no net connection to distract me. Yey!

Also, I wanted to share this next picture. It's going to be my desktop background during NaNo cause it's awesome!

Ain't it awesome! I love it more for what it says on it than the picture, but it all works together so well. There's more NaNo/writing related wallpapers [here]. Go check them out, they're great.

Oh! Something I forgot Check out [Write or Die]. It's awesome. I want to get the desktop version so I can use it in the room I write in and not need to be hooked up to the net for it to work. Go look! Now! >:D

All right, that's all I've got to say for now. Laters!


  1. Wow, that's an awesome writing space. Seriously! It would definitely fit the mood for writing a mystery/suspense/horror story! Plus, there's very little that can distract you in there so you can stay focused to make that NaNo goal! :D

  2. The smiley face poster is nice. :D And hey, whatever helps you concentrate!

    Write or Die is incredible. Bought the Desktop Edition last year. Best ten dollars I ever spent.


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