Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Playas Gon' Play

I like this song, but I hate using it for a title. Oh well, that's the song that was on!

Today I went to my first ever writer's group! I like it, it was fun.  It's the oldest writing group in the area actually (since 2001), and the only one I could find that met every week.

 First, we did a 5 minute quick write on the prompt they give us. The prompt today was 'carry on' and I'm actually happy with my story. Here it is:

Michael fell back against the wall, clutching at his shoulder. Blood gushed between his fingers, soaking into his trench coat. He loved that trench coat and he hoped to be buried in it. Though it needed to be dry cleaned first. 
The thought brought a frown to his face. He couldn’t just die there. He needed to get back to Zachary. The boy would be lost if Michael didn’t show up at the office and seeing that the office was his apartment… well that would just be odd. 
He pushed himself up off the ground and stumbled down the hall. He’d made his hit, but they’d heard him coming. There was a small fight but Michael had won. He always won. Though if he died now… 
“It wouldn’t be a win…” he muttered. He needed to keep walking, keep breathing. If not for his reputation, then for Zachary. 
Blood dripped off his hand as he fought to keep conscious. He wanted to lay down, to just take a nap, but he knew it’s be a nap he’d never wake from.
So, just as a note, Michael is a hit man (that's obvious) and Zachary is a guy only a couple years younger than him that he's training to be a hit man. Zachary is also Michael's lover, though Mikey doesn't like to admit to it.

We talk about NaNo and the people had never heard of it. They seem interested in it though and they took down the website. If they do it, that would be awesome! Though my roommate and I were by far the youngest ones there, though that's not necessarily the worst thing that could have happened.

One of the guys in the group read part of this story he's working on, a few of the people left early, then we talked about movies, then we all left. All in all, it was fun.

We've got (optional) homework, which I want to do. We came up with 5 random words and we have to work these five words in to a story. The words are

  • privilege
  • frankly
  • pressure
  • blue cheese (this was my word. I was hungry at the time, can you tell? I don't like blue cheese btw)
  • blank (my roommate came up with this one)
Also, they told us about a writing contest that I want to find and check out. It's a three minute story, so it has to be really short so it can be read in three minutes, and it has to start with "Some people swore that the house was haunted" and end with "Nothing was ever the same again after that." Here the [link]. I want to try it out, see if I can't do it. Could be fun. If you want to try it out, you'd better hurry! Deadline is the 26th. :)

Hmm... I think that's all I've got to say for today.

I challenge everyone who's read this post to make a story with those five words and write a short story with all five in it. If you do and post it, link me to it, ya? It'll be fun!


PS, Mikey is my character and Zack is my best friend's character, it's all for rp and we love them :)


  1. Your writing group sounds cool. :)
    I like what you wrote there! You could tell that the two characters were close, so it wasn't too surprising that they're together. The details were pretty good, too. Not too much, but we got a good picture of what was going on. Very nice.
    And I will take you up on that challenge.

  2. Yey! I'm glad you like what I got out in five minutes :)

    Good luck! You can do it!


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