Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Why yes, that is a song title, not just me being really, really lame, lol.

So, this isn't about writing, but I've started working on one of my cosplays for Anime Expo next year! Well, not putting it together yet, but I've printed up a picture of the vest and I'm deciding what I can use for the pieces of it. It'll be AWESOME!

On to writing news now:

You know what I hate? Plot bunnies. Don't know what a plot bunny is? Well it's a term I stole from the NaNo boards and basically, it's when you have a plot, and then another plot pops up, and another, and another, and each plot is called a plot bunny cause they multiply like rabbits. It's evil. I keep getting plot ideas popping up and I don't know whether I should write them down or let them sit and stew in my brain until they either fade away or work themselves out. Or maybe even turn them into an rp storyline. My options are endless. And it's not like I can work these plot lines into my NaNo story because, well, they just don't mesh.

I can't wait for NaNo. I love NaNo. I want to write my story, though I'm scared it won't stretch! I'm shooting for 75,000 words this year. Last year I shot for 100,000 words and fell short and burned out horribly. So this  year I thought I'd only go up 25,000 words then next year I can try again for 100,000 words. Not all too sure on that though because I want to try the 6 Novels, 6 Months challenge. Basically, you write a novel every other month. It should be fun. I need the practice. On top of the 6 Novel, 6 Month challenge, I want to do WriYe and Milwordy. WriYe, from what I understand, is you set a certain word goal for the year and write all year long to reach that goal, doesn't matter what you write. Milwordy is when you write one million words in a years time. So they all work together!

Only problem is trying to get to a million words in one year.

Maybe I should rethink milwordy and just do the 6 novel, 6 month and WriYe challenge and save milwordy for another year.

Things to think about, things to think about.

You know what's hard to do? Find schools offering a BFA in Creative Writing via online. Sure, I can find MFA programs, but you have to already have a BFA in the subject to get into it! Like I've mentioned before, I've found two schools, one I'm more interested in getting into than the other. This is just more stuff to think about.

In other news, I missed the writing group I wanted to go to today. Totally forgot. But it meets weekly and I can just go to it next week. I've even set an alarm in my phone to remind me about it next week.

Still reading Blogging for Dummies. Why yes, I am a slow reader. And easily distracted.

I think that's it for today. Laters!

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