Friday, September 24, 2010

Cold (But I'm Still Here)

My laptop is dead *cries!* That may possibly mean that I will not be able to do NaNo this year, which is DEVASTATING because I've been hyped up for it all year! Yes, I've got a family computer. But there in lies the problem. It's a family computer. I can't be hogging it all day. Not to mention the desk sits right next to the TV and I have two brothers who (1) want to use the computer and (2) are loud and annoying. This computer, while sitting here in the living room, is attached to the internet. Which means distractions for my poor brain and I can't have that. That's a HUGE reason why I do NaNo in the basement room (see [this post] for a view of my writing area); there's no net down there.

This week just isn't my week.

Thus ends my mini rant thing.

Also, I had been working on a blog post earlier and when I went into it, I knew what my point was. Half way through, I forgot what my point was. It sucked.

1 comment:

  1. Fret not about NaNo, daughter dearest. Dad's got your back :-)


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