Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That Girl Has Love

I went to writer's group today. I'm quite enjoying it. Love the practice.

Today's prompt for the five minute warm up was 'complicated'. Here's my story:

“Is it really that hard to keep him in his cage?” Seth asked in annoyance, rubbing his temples as he tried to keep calm. 
“It’s more complicated than you think--” 
“He’s a zombie! A brainless, mindless zombie. How complicated can it be?” 
“Well… he’s a smart zombie…” 
Seth looked down at the talking head and pile of chewed on body parts. Well, at least he had another severed head to add to his collection. The down side to it, though, was that there was a zombie on the loose and not just any zombie but Marcus, Seth’s hungriest –and obviously most cunning- zombie. 
Seth groaned and in his frustration, sent the former keeper’s head flying with one swoop of his foot.
 Seth is a demonic ring master of his own circus of creatures. I love him. He's the main character of my NaNo this year. :)

Hmm... what else to write about...

The five words for the story that have to have all 5 words in it are:

  • benefit
  • Oktoberfest
  • clumsy
  • international
  • felicity
Now, I challenge all you writers to not only write a story for the complicated prompt, but to write a story with the 5 words in it! Show me if you do it!


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  1. That's too funny. "Well... he's a smart zombie..." Your NaNo sounds like it's gonna be a lot of fun.


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