Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Faves!

I'm on time! Woot!

1.  I think I may start a rant post once a month. Maybe once every few months. Or once every so often when I feel the need to rant. I have a rant lined up, I'm just a bit... apprehensive about posting it. So we shall see.

2. This is an awesome video. Like seriously. I can't post the video itself here, cause I can't find the permalink for it, but here's a link to it on my tumblr
seriously, this video is awesome and I dare you to not laugh. I double dare you. Hell, I double dog dare you. And if you don't laugh then...
I suck at these things cause I can never think of stuff to post! Bad me, very bad me!


Who agrees Johnny Depp is hot? No matter how creepy he looks? LOL


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