Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Here! It's Here! It's Here! Oh Em Gee It's Here!

So, it seemed like my week was going to suck, save for the VERY end when I hang out with my bff. I got stuck working 6 days this week, getting asked to come in on my day off (I know, I coulda said no, but I need the money). It was shaping up to be a blah week for the most part.

And then... And then I check my email today. And I see this email from my dad. He normally sends me an email every week.

But this one... This one got this kind of a reaction
Then this:
Wanna know why? I think you can guess why. But I'm gunna tell you anyhows!

So, there is a critique, which is 7 pages long, ad all the comments on the manuscript itself, which comes out to a grand total of 1524 comments. That's a lot of friggin comments for something only 226 pages, 12 pt font, double spaced. Damn, that got super long. When I typed it in 1.5 space 7.5pt font, it was only like, 120 pages. Wow. Damn. Anyways! That's not the point. The point is...

I don't even know what the point is any more. I'm just excited!

But I can't get to edits yet cause I have to do homework! Dammit. I wanna do edits!

Oh well, I'm still excited to have them back.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a bed to be bouncin' on.
How do you guys normally react to getting edits back from a beta, or even your agent, if you've got one?



  1. Just like you describe. I have a long list of beta readers who never get back to me. It's so amazing when someone actually provides comments!

  2. i get excited. like the elf.

  3. I'm following you on Twitter and I've subscribed to your blog. I'm looking forward to your posts!
    Fellow MG-YA Campaigner

  4. I love getting edits back. It's fascinating to see what readers gleaned from a story, whether it's something you intended or didn't intend. And the thrill of revising makes it that much more fun.

  5. I react pretty much like the cat on the bed for at least an hour, then I hunch over the manuscript and get down to business.

  6. In my own defense (in case any of you out there are going "Why is he so cruel to his daughter to make that many comments?"), Jesi wrote this book like super fast. And, if you're any kind of writer, you know that typos of all sorts abound when that happens. There were also lots of places where I thought there should be paragraph breaks. Take out all those and I'm sure there'd be a lot less comments.

    And as far as changing her format, she writes in a small font and, when I read her stuff, I change it to standard manuscript format. Mostly because of my eyes. It's what I'm used to and it makes it easier for me to read.

    Most of all, though, she wants honesty from me, and that's what she gets. That means there are also comments in there of what I like.

    So there.


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