Friday, October 7, 2011

Don't you just love?

(There's going to be no Friday Fave today. I don't have anything for it )

Don't you just love when you get an idea for a post (or anything, actually) and it's so awesome and you know everything you want to write, but you don't write the idea down and when you go to write/do it, you can't remember it.

I had this awesome idea last night for a blog post. It was so awesome, and I know it was. But I was in bed, trying to fall asleep, and I was like 'I'll remember this, it's too obvious to forget.' So I didn't write it down.

And now I don't remember.

But it was such a great idea! I'm so sad!

Anyways, I wanted to say something so I didn't seem completely dead. Been really busy with work. Working at a fabric and crafts store during Halloween season is INSANE. But I love my job.

I'll get something real posted soon.



  1. Yes! My brain is like a sieve - I have to write everything down IMMEDIATELY or it is lost to the ether. :)

  2. Notebook. Pen. Learn to write in dark. While sleeping. It's funny the kinds of things you'll read in the morning. :-)


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