Sunday, August 7, 2011

End of week 1

I am very proud of myself. I wrote 4,111 words today. I was really in to the scene and having fun with it. Even more proud that I wrote all that after sitting here fearing that my main character is boring. Maybe she's not boring. Maybe she's just different. Things are really going to pick up now, though. I'm moving into the main part of the story. Fingers crossed that I have enough to fit in!

I think I do though. I keep trying to look at the plot as the few plot points I have firmly decided on and thinking "omg there isn't enough there! I'll never make it long enough!" but then I look at the 18,595 words that I've written so far, and all that just to get to the main part of the story line? Almost half way through 50,000 words and I'm only just not getting to the main point of the plot. If I can bull my way through that many words, I can so make the rest of the story last!

And I don't like putting in things that don't move the plot along. If it doesn't have something to do with the plot (or in this part of the story, showing what their life is like right now) then it doesn't go in. And if I need fluff, I'll make some random scene work.

Like in my first NaNo novel, there was a dare in the dare thread that was to send your characters to a theme park. So I did, I sent them to the theme park, and had one of the MCs get kidnapped, because it needed to happen anyways. So I got words AND moved the plot along.

Anyways, first week of Camp NaNo is over and I am doing great! Woohoo! I'm actually only like, 700 words off from my goal for tomorrow, which is good. I may be going out with a friend for her birthday tomorrow, which will, of course, take up writing time. But friends are important!

How's everyone else doing?


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