Monday, August 1, 2011

Day one was slow but... Awesome

Woohoo!! I finish today with 4781 words!

Now, before you guys go "oh em gee, you wrote THAT many words in one day?!" No, I didn't write that many words in one day. I wrote just over 2,422 words today. I started with 2,336 words that I wrote about a month ago or so. So I wrote 2445 words in total. I am counting the 2336 into my final total for the month BUT I am planning on writing 75000 words this month and I DID do the math for how many words I have to write to get to that total not including the original 2336 words. I'm also going to be missing a day of writing because I will be out at Six Flags on the 3rd for my brother's birthday.

I have also basically figured out my plot in little points on a piece of paper. I just don't really know how to get from where I am right now to the first real plot point. There's nothing for them to do. I am so excited!

I also realized today how weird I am. I figured out how to put in that my kids are bank robbers without making it completely obvious that I needed to explain that. I made it work! Yeeey!

Now, in other news that is not writing related at all: My great grandma was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. I forget which kind but it was on her spine and was wrapped around her heart and liver (or kidney, I never got confirmed truth on which one). It was impossible to remove surgically, so she started either radiation or chemo for it (I think it was radiation). As of today, my great grandma is cancer free! Yey!!! And of course, through her treatment and such, she was spending 6-8 hours in her garden, volunteering, and never once changing her life around for the cancer. She's a real trooper.

All right, that is all for today.



  1. Hahaha, your characters are bank robbers? That sounds like so much fun. :D And way to go on that word count.
    Also, that's awesome that your grandma's cancer-free! :)

  2. See? I knew I wasn't biased, even if I am your dad. You're like totally awesome dude! And I ain't biased at all LOL


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