Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All it took was a dream

I wrote 2767 words today for a total of 7548 words. That's just under 400 words over my goal word count for today. Yey!

I won' be writing tomorrow 'cause I'm going to Six Flags, but on Thursday I will be writing another 2422 words towards a goal of 9602 words. According to the Camp NaNo site, I will have 50000 words done by August 13, though my calculations says I won't have 50000 words until the 21st. And I'm writing more than the 1612 words recommended to be written a day. So odd.

I had gotten stuck though. I had to move around my time line for the story, because I didn't have anything for them to do for about 4 weeks and I didn't have a reason for what the guy who's using the kids to do what he was doing when it was against his own rules. I also got stuck with 1000 words left to write, unsure where to go. So what did I do? I put in a dream sequence. A very odd, kind of bloody dream that's actually kind of foreshadowing towards what's supposed to happen later in the book. I don't know how she had the dream, other than the fact that her brain took things that were said that day and found the hidden meaning. Hey, I'm sure it happens. She's not psychic or anything, she's just a normal girl, putting things together subconsciously.

All in all, things are going good. I didn't want to get started because I didn't know what to do (I do that a lot) but once I got in to it, I did pretty well, save for that one area. But it was good! I'm proud of it and the kids.

Though, I can't tell if two of the guys in the group of kids are just super awesome bffs or if they're gay for each other. I'm not sure. I will have to explore them closer.

Good luck to all of you doing Camp NaNo! I hope everything is going well!!


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