Friday, April 8, 2011

D is for Drabble!

I am so far behind that I'm going to spam your boxes right now. They'll probably be short, too.

So, D for drabble!

A drabble is a term I heard on gaia, and it's basically a quickly written story between 200-400 words or so. 

I've never tried to do that before. Well, my five minute prompts from writer's group are normally about that length. So I guess you could call those drabbles. I like those. Let's try now!

Mikey sighed softly as he laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. It was nearing midnight and he couldn’t sleep. It’d been a while since this sort of thing had happened to him. The last time he hadn’t been able to sleep was when Zachary’s father had tried to marry the boy off to some freak from Italy. Actually, every time Mikey hadn’t been able to sleep at night was because of Zachary. 
He groaned and closed his eyes, flopping his arm over his face. He was not going to let that simple minded boy disturb his sleep. Not again. Not when there was no reason for it. Maybe there was a reason. Maybe this was some kind of premonition that something bad was going to happen again. Something bad always happened. 
“Michael, you need to sleep, there’s a job to do tomorrow, and if you don’t get any sleep… You remember what happened last time, don’t you?” he mumbled to himself, the memory of the last time he did a job without any sleep. It ended with a mob doctor and almost losing his arm. Stupid mob doctors. 
Half an hour passed and Mikey dropped his arm back onto the bed. He wiggled his fingers to get the blood back into them, grimacing as they began to tingle. He got up and headed into the bathroom, pulling the medicine cabinet open. “Sleeping pills…” He pulled the bottle out and popped onto into his mouth. “Sleep.” 
Within another half an hour, he was asleep.
 254 words. I think this is an intro to the story here. My best friend wants me to continue that story, so I'm working on it slowly. Very slowly.

So, do you you guys do anything like this? If you try it, lemme see what comes of it!

Now onto E!



  1. I only recently learned this word too. There is also a REALLY short type of story called Dribble :D

  2. While I was checking out some of your A~Z posts , I noticed that your D post is Drabbles .
    This type of writing is a great way to exercise the writing muscles because you have a word limit of more or less 100 words .
    Check out the Drabble Day Challenge over at Aheila's blog :
    A new prompt is posted every Monday ~ it's lots of fun and there are an interesting assortment of bloggers who contribue every week .



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