Saturday, April 23, 2011

S is for Sex Scenes

May contain adult content.

I once tried to write a 3,000 word sex scene.

It didn't work.

I got close to 2,000 words before I couldn't write any more. I love the scene, it's soft and sweet and tender, but it was hard to get it that long. I could never write erotica, and that kind of makes me sad.

It's not only the actions, that get repetitive, but also the words for different body parts. I don't like using vulgar words, but things like "man root" make me laugh. 

I also only like sex scenes that fit into the plot. Or if it's a stand alone story.

What's your opinion on sex scenes?


  1. I've never tried writing a sex scene ... but you are correct in saying that it should fit into the plot .


  2. I have trouble writing them, as well, and I agree that using weird euphemisms for body parts is just goofy. In fact, they'll distract me from the rest of the scene.

    Good luck with the rest of the A to Z Challenge!

  3. I have never tried writing a sex scene but I love your "man root" thing which makes me think that since I like humor, I could do a great sex spoof. Food for thought. I finally made it here on the A-Z. I see some interesting topics on your days. Will be reading backwards.


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