Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Be On You

Today was writer's group! I'm actually glad I went. They loved both mine and my roommate's stories. One of the ladies actually came up to us after the group ended and told us that she always looks forward to hearing our stuff because we have great imaginations. It made me happy, to say the least :D

The 5 minute warm up prompt for today was 'old clothes'. Here's what I wrote:

Mikey detested almost every outfit Zachary wore. The younger man always looked like he was wearing some old clothes he’d originally bought five years ago. How o why his upscale parents let him out of the house like that he’d never know. 
“Zachary, couldn’t you have worn something a little more case appropriate?” Mikey asked in slight agitation as he adjusted the gun holster over his light blue button down. 
“Dude, what’s wrong with my clothes?” 
Michael rolled his eyes. “They look like you bought them at the Salvation Army.” 
Zack looked down at his white shirt and black vest, his fingers going to absently play with a hole near the hem. “No way, dude, I got these um… not that long ago. But I took this spill on my skateboard into this yard with this dog and--” 
“I don’t need to hear it,” Mikey interrupted. 
“Oh, OK dude.” He flashed the hang loose sign and Mikey sighed with a roll of his eyes.
I think it's cute. This is actually the very first time I've written Zachary; hope I did ok, lol. I'm actually kinda happy with how I did it. (I'm just all around happy in this post, aren't I? haha)

The 5 prompts are:

  • tresses
  • laughter
  • venture
  • bon mote
  • percipitate
I have NO clue what "bon mote" means, or if it was spelt right. That's how the lady who suggested it said it was spelt, though, so it can't be too off, ya? Anyways, if any of you readers speak French, please let me know what it means!

In other news, I was reading/looking at Qzie's latest post and she linked to a thread on the NaNo boards for your character's post secret (if you don't know what post secret is, hit up I wanted to do it, so I did!

Cole's secrets:
 it says: I want to run away and join the circus

 it says: I throw bottles with messages into the ocean hoping someone will find them and take me away

Seth's secret:
it says: I have everything I want but I still feel empty...

Seth doesn't have many secrets. At least not any he's telling me. Oh well. I got one out of him and I think it's a doozie, considering! I really like the way the bottle one looks. It makes me happy. The whole message in a bottle thing is what sparked this whole plot, so I just had to make that one of his secrets.

I want to say, that one thing I hate about writing is how real the characters feel in your head, to the point they seem so damn real. I think I may end up going crazy in the future just because of that. Maybe that's why writers turn into alcoholics. Hmm...

5 more days till NaNo! I'm so scared! Like really scared! I have to write 2500 words a day to reach my 75000 word goal for this year. I hope I can do it! *fingers crossed*

I think I may start doing like what Becca Fitzpatrick (sometimes) does on her blog and have a Friday 5, or something like that.

Also, if.when I get published, I want to be like Becca Fitzpatrick with how she is so... normal. She interacts with her fans, posts about more than just writing on her blog, and its all got a really big "we're a family!" feel to it. I want to be like that, all cool about it.

On a side note, I'm ready Tommyland and actually finding it inspirational. Odd, don't ya think? Haha. Though I will NEVER be able to look at gummy bears without cringing ever again. Ever.

Ok, I think that's it for now. I'll get back to you all with what I think I may do for this blog, like the Friday 5 thing.



  1. "Bon" means good, and "mote" doesn't mean anything. But "mot" means word. Basically it means a clever saying.

    Your prompt was funny. And Salvation Army has awesome clothes! :D

    Great job on your PostSecrets. They're so colorful. And Seth's is awww-worthy. :)

  2. Ah ok. The lady wasn't exactly sure what the spelling was and there was like, a mumbled conversation as o what it meant that I completely missed because they talked about like, 10 French words. But thanks for that!

    Salvation Army does have some great clothes, but Mikey's all suits and ties, so the Salvation Army is trash to him lol

    Glad you liked them :)

  3. If you don't mind me saying so, don't be so worried about your daily word count. You've done things in past NaNos (even the ones you and Jules have just between yourselves) that leave me feeling like a lazy underachiever. You can pump out the wordage when you want to, so just believe in yourself :-)


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