Thursday, October 21, 2010

7 Minutes in Heaven

This is going around on deviantART; I decided to bring it here! I'm gunna just go ahead and do both my MCs from this years NaNo

1. Post 10 facts about your character.
2. Tag 5 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creators' usernames.
4. You can tag back

Seth Kerberos
1. He's the Crown Prince of Hell, but doesn't want the throne
2. He has 2 brothers who really want the throne and bother him a lot
3. His dad (Lucifer) gives him whatever he wants
4. His bowler cap is like Mary Poppins's bag: he can put in and take out whatever he wants, there is no bottom.
5. He originally would actually have people die during his circus acts, but with the rise of technology, he had to stop that because it would get around the innocent people died in this mysterious circus and people wouldn't show. So he now has aliens who make clones of a couple people in the crowd and the clones are used in the show.
6. He walks with a walking stick
7. He likes to smile. A lot
8. He captured Vladimir Dracula and keeps him in his circus. Dracula hates Seth and most of the time he refuses to listen to Seth. That is until Seth threatens to tear his head off.
9. His creatures are kept in those old fashioned circus cages
10. He likes to dress sharply.

Cole Williamson
1. His name is actually Herbert Williamson III. He hates his name and goes by Cole
2. He's been throwing messages in bottles into the ocean since he was a kid. All those messages are wishes for a different life, mostly how he wants to run away and join the circus.
3. His parents are super rich and don't spend much time with him
4. He likes Flo Rida
5. He's 22
6. He has no friends
7. He's built like a bean pole
8. He finds Seth completely fascinating
9. His parents are accepting of his being gay, but don't talk about it and haven't told any of their hoity-toity friends about it. Cole's not sure if it bothers him or not
10. He's a virgin (I think he is at least. He's being close-lipped about it)

I tag ALL of my readers to do this for at least two characters from either their NaNo or another novel/story they're working on. Ahahaha!!


I forgot to blog about writer's group! It was good. I read the story about the girl who jumped off the cliff and they liked it. That makes me happy :D

The 5 minute prompt this week was equinox.

Trevor stood in front of the giant glass windows that made up one wall of his office. The sun was setting, signaling the half way mark of the fall equinox. He liked days like this one, when the sun was up as long as the moon. It reminded him of perfection, of being complete.
Unlike him.
He was more like the first day of winter: more dark than light; uneven, unhappy. 
 He turned away from the glass, too bothered to watch the sun vanish over the horizon. He should have picked an east facing office. He'd much prefer to reflect on the beginning of a new day rather then dwell on the death of the past. 
 He nodded to himself as he decided that first thing in the morning he was moving his office to the other side of the building.
 I don't like that last line-paragraph thing. I should have just ended it without that, but oh well. I like this character though! He was an angel who became intrigued by the humans and came down to Earth. When he did, he became a model for Gap, claiming to be 16. When he 'turned 18' he started modeling fr Calvin Klein. He became vein through all this and God sent another angel to rip his wings off. But Trevor was given a chance to redeem himself! He had to use his vanity to change the world somehow. Trevor decided to open a modeling agency that hires only those in the LGBT community and works to help the gay community. He stopped modeling because when his wings were torn out, they left large scars from his shoulders down to his waist. Whenever he gets too vain (or really vain at all) the scars start to burn and cause him a lot of pain.

Maybe I'll do something with him later. Right now he's an rp character and I'm going to have fun with him!

And yes, I do have a thing for angels and other winged creatures. Don't ask me why.

The 5 words this week are:

  • operate
  • bonnie
  • diadem
  • collide
  • raft
I have no clue what I'm going to do with these words. Wish me luck on that! Ha!


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  1. I liked that last line of your writing prompt... it lightened the mood. :)
    Your character is the Crown Prince of Hell and runs a circus... oh wow. That's a bit hilarious.


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