Tuesday, January 31, 2012

60k / 60 days

There's this thread on the NaNo boards about a challenge called the 60k in 60 days challenge. It was supposed to start January 1st, but I didn't see that thread and the person who made this new thread didn't either. So it's from February 1st to March 31st, a total of 60 days. That's 1000 words a day! Not too bad. Less words a day than NaNo!

So, if it isn't obvious, I'm going to be joining in the fray! It'll be a nice kick in the bum to get my book done!

I can't wait!!

So, here's my word count bar. I'll try and make a smaller one for the side of the blog over there, somewhere. but for now, I like this one

In other news, I'M SO CLOSE TO GETTING MY NEW BANNER! I was going to wait to gush until the day i got the banner and put it up, but MY GOD! I love her art! I'm in love! And she's so professional, keeping up with showing me the progress, making sure I get it the way I want. Go check her site out now! Her name is Dominique Gammage and her art is so beautiful! Yes, I'm fan girling! Was introduced to her through my best friend's friend's little sister. You know what, just go check her out.

I can't wait to show you guys the new banner! Shouldn't be too long now! I am so excited!! *flails around* 

Okay, okay, enough for now. Good luck to all of you in your writing endeavors!

You guys doing any kind of writing challenges? Anything you want to brag about, like a new layout, new shirt, new anything?


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  1. I did NaNo last year and had a blast. I think I'll be doing it this year again. Good luck with the challenge. I can't wait to see your new banner. :)


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