Monday, January 9, 2012

My baby

This is probably the deepest post  I will ever write.

I've always seen my manuscript as my baby, but I've always wanted to get it out there, too. To have it see the big wide world, have people enjoy its company, unable to leave it alone for longer than a trip to the bathroom. Hell, take it to the bathroom with them!

I am so proud of and in love with my manuscript.

Now, I've always thought I'd be a bad mom because I'd be too over protective, not wanting to let my kid go out alone, even when they were old enough. I know this because I act the same way with my brothers. They're 11 and 13 and the oldest is going out with friends and staying out for hours with them. it scares me. When they don't come home on time, I start to worry and freak.

I'm feeling this way about my novel right now.

I still want to send my baby out there. I've made it awesome, now it's time to be sent out there. I have the first round of query letters ready to send, but...

I'm afraid of my what will happen to my baby once I send those letters to the agents. The anticipation of whether they'll like it or not. Whether they'll want it or not.

Will they love it like I do?

Will they see the potential that I see in it?

What will happen?

That great unknown... The waiting through it for a reply.

I want them to love it!

I want them to see the wonderful that I see, that other's have seen!

All right.

Time to do what my best friend said: "Take a breath and hit send."

And then proceed to freak the freak out!


  1. Since I'm going through this process right now, let me say this: develop a thick skin. Yeah, you know this, but it doesn't hurt to hear it. I like to use a rule of thumb: unless they say otherwise, move on after two weeks. That way, there's not so much time for the stress of waiting.

    As for being overprotective...well, I've had to learn the same thing with you, so it CAN be done.

    Well they all love it? No. Will you get any instructive feedback? I haven't so far. Take the attitude that they don't know what they're missing.

    Even JK Rowling got rejected.

    You can do it kiddo. I believe in ya!


  2. That's awesome. You're on your way! And yeah, there will probably be some rejections, but that's OK. All you need is one person to say yes. :) You're a talented writer, Jesi. You shouldn't worry too much about it.

    (Just a quick word of advice, I wouldn't talk too much about the query process. A lot of the lit agents seem to frown on that! *Shrug*)

    1. omg, thanks so much for that compliment! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and keeping positive!

      And thanks for the advice. I wasn't planning on bringing it up much, except to freak out when I get an acceptance letter! Here's to the future! lol


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