Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Writing Bug

As I've mentioned before, I fell for writing when I was in kindergarten. I wrote a story (or more like dictated it to my mom and she wrote it down) about a cat who was friends with everyone but the dog. And I kept writing from there on. It was always short stories I wrote back then. I always tried to write a novel, but I'd get a paragraph in and never get beyond there. The two I remember trying to write were about a taxi, and the other about a baby buffalo. Like I said, a paragraph in and nothing more. It wasn't until high school that I wrote more than a paragraph, but never completed a full novel. I didn't do that until my first year of NaNo a few years ago.

But this blog post isn't about where and when I got bit by the writing bug and who I would thank to all hell for it (my kindergarten teacher, in case you were wondering).

This is about my brother. I have two brothers, one is more gaming (well, they're BOTH more gaming) but my youngest brother, who's only 11, seems to be getting into writing. Not seriously, like it's what he wants to do, like I was at that age (kind of. I also wanted to be a secret agent, an artist, an English teacher).

Now that he's in middle school, his teachers are letting him free write for him assignments. He can come up with his own storylines and write what he wants to write. I'm watching him write his story right now, and he's flown through the 500 words he has to write, where normally it would take him all day to do something like that. He's even been writing while watching TV!

If he does get into writing, I think he's going to be a historical/AU writer. He seems to like to write stuff about wars, but it's got robots and stuff in it. Like I said, AU. Right now he's writing about the Pearl Harbor bombing about a kid who snuck onto one of the boats to find his dad and make sure he was okay, then finds a robot who's actually a nuke set to go off in one hour and the kids saves the day. At least at that moment in time. There's supposed to be a kamikaze pilot in there somewhere, but I think he got cut.

It makes me so proud :) He's doing something other than gaming and watching TV. And he seems to be enjoying it this time around.

Have any of you ever seen one of your siblings, children, friends, etc, get bitten by the writing bug? How'd it make you feel? How'd you get bitten?



  1. Isn't that nice! Christian's doing his homework without complaints- it feels like definite progress.

    I like that you are taking such an interest in his writing. Maybe he can learn to love doing it for more than free writing assignments in class and do something like short stories.

    Hey, wouldn't it be cool if he joined in on NaNoWriMo or Script Frenzy some day?

    I'm back from Ajo and thinking of taking a little breather from script least a day maybe. I was able to get so much done. I have like ten pages to go to reach the hundred page goal and I'm not even done yet!

    Maybe you'll get out of your funk for the novel you're writing by watching your younger brother develop an interest in writing too.

    You could also infuse your novel with some new blood by enlisting your brother to collaborate with you on it! He can put a little AU into your YA novel.

  2. That's awesome!
    I was kind of a mentor for this kid at my church, she was really creative and smart. She used to show me like eeeeverything she wrote. It was pretty neat.

  3. That was really nice and uplifting to read. It's cute that your lil bro looks up to you so much he's trying writing himself. I haven't been bitten by the writing bug but, the animation one has borrowed deep into my bones. I find myself being inspired by the animators and various artists around me more than vice versa.


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