Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

And happy Easter! And happy Passover!

Hope your Sunday is going better than mine. Got food poisoning from bad ham that we were told was good. :/



  1. Get Well soon and happy Easter to you too!

  2. Julia here, wishing you speedy healing from bad pork. Don't let it ruin your Easter or keep you from working on your Script Frenzy!

    Come to think of it, I haven't seen much happening on that front and wanted to offer my help. Would you like to do a page war? I know you had some trouble last NaNo and I noticed that the 60k/ 60 days thing didn't pan out, but heck, maybe Script Frenzy will go better!

    I wasn't sure if you had got my message on the Script Frenzy site so I thought I'd just drop you a line here. When I noticed that Jazmine was on the site too, I sent her a welcome message. No answer yet, so if you happen to see her around, say hi for me and wish her luck in the competition!

    What I like to remember for this new, sometimes scary, but ultimately fun experience of Script Frenzy is that 100 pages of a screenplay figures into about 20,000 words- sort of like a mini NaNo.

    Feel better and get to typing before me and Mr. Morty leave you in the dust!


    1. Sure! I would not be against a page war, if I can find time to do it, lol. I'm not doing Script Frenzy as a solid thing. Jaz was supposed to do it, I decided to play along, see if I couldn't push out some words in novel form (cause I'm a rebel, lol)

      Good luck with your Screnzy!


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