Wednesday, November 2, 2011

They Died Before They Got a Chance to Live

I'm working on my NaNo plot.

When I started, I had my MC and her two best friends. Her two best friends wouldn't stick around much until maybe the end, but they were there.

They had lives, they had stories, they had personalities. They were real. They were loved. They were pretty awesome. One of them was a hipster chick. They were there to make the MC look like a likable character and expose her personality more.

Well, as I've been working on the plot... They've been nicked. Tossed to the side. Picked up and displaced. No more does the hipster-alien-enthusiast exist. No more does the confused-but-awesome boy remain. They may be mentioned in thought, but that's all.

It makes me kind of sad. They lived in my head for a few weeks, having arguments with my MC about whether aliens existed, if Big Foot was real, and whether or not the aliens on the moon killed JFK.

They've died before they even  had a real chance to live.

I mentioned them like, once.

RIP Marchelle then alien enthusiast and Bradley, the confused one who tries so hard.

In other news, NaNo is going slowly. And it sucks :(

Why won't this one pour out like my Camp NaNo novel?

All right, I'm going off to cry and write.

Good luck to all those doing NaNo!!


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  1. It happens. Characters come and go. I'd say the conversations you had in the prededing weeks will come in handy at some point. Never dismiss things like that, cause you never know when they'll be useful.

    And you'll get it. Just hang in there. YOU CAN DO IT!!!



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