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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And there's more!

Hello, readers! Guess what today is?

If you guessed that it's the first day of June, then you're close-ish

If you guessed Dare Day or Flip a Coin Day (wow, some holidays) then yes, that's true, but not what I', betting at. But since it is Dare Day, anyone out there got a dare? I love dares! (Almost) Anything you dare I will do and take a picture to prove it! (wondering where I got these holidays? check this link; it's a site for bizzare holidays throughout the year. I found it on someone else's blog a little bit ago :) )

Now, the real answer is: the day I come back! Yes! It is the beginning of June and as I said, I would be back today! I finished my semester with an A and an A-, took my week and a half or so off to rest and relax, and now I am back! Let's party!!!

So, not only will I be returning to my blog posts, I will also be returning to Chrysalis. I hope to have a story done by the end of this week. Gotta stretch out those writing muscles.

I have a few things to post that I received but never got around to posting it here because I was going to post it when I got it in and when I got it in, I wasn't blogging. This is kinda an In My Mailbox post, just... not.

All right! Here we go!

First, I can't recall if I posted about getting this before. I mentioned that I won a copy of Where She Went and it came in the mail. Yey! I haven't read it yet. I had a whole slew of library books come in and since I can only have those for a short amount of time, I had to read those first. But I will get to this one! I am very excited to read it!

Second, I won this book from a giveaway on Goodreads. Again, I have yet to read it because of the same reason above, but soon! Yey!

From here
Third, and this one isn't to brag but I am so happy. You all know the iClue mystery contest that was going on? I won. That's another six awesome novels to read! All of which I've been wanting to read! *flops around* Yey!

OK *cough* enough of that.

Um... what else...

I need a list of what I'm going to be posting, yes? Maybe? Maybe that'll be my next post. I need to figure out what I'm doing. Shoulda done that before, huh? Oh well.

Anyways, I am so happy to be back! And I hope you guys are happy I'm back >.>

Here's to the future!


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  1. I've got such a long TBR list it's not funny! :P


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