Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't Think I'm Not

It's Tuesday! And seeing as it's Tuesday, I went back to writer's group today! It was fun. Glad to have gone back. A lot of people seem to have come back from like, 7 month hiatus'. It was more full than I've ever seen it. Typically it's a small group of like six people, but today I do believe there were 12 people or so. Insane.

Anyhow, the prompt for the five minute writing was 'Strangely, it all began'

Here's mine:

“Mmm… Strange. It all began at that party for my sister-in-law?” asked Professor Humphry as he lay on the therapist’s couch. He sat up, changing his view from the mahogany ceiling to the ever plain Doctor Plainsborrow. Humphry adjusted his monocle. “Are you certain that’s what I said?” 
Dr. Plainsborrow nodded. “I am very certain.” 
Humphry nodded and laid back down, once more looking at the ceiling. The good old doctor had suggested they try hypnotism to find the root of Humphry’s problem. Humphry hadn’t thought such a thing would work, but Plainsborrow assured him. 
Humphry reached up and stroked his full, dark brown beard. “Very odd. I had felt fine after that party. It’s only recently I’ve had this… urge…” 
“You may not have noticed until recently, but it began at that party.” The doctor had a very boring and monotonus was of speaking. It was no wonder he was the top ranking professional in hypnotism. “Something triggered this, but you became unsettled and I had to wake you up.” 
“Unsettled? Whatever do you mean?” Humphry sat up again. 
“You were becoming upset, Professor, screaming nonsense. I had to wake you up.”
What dya think? I kind like it. I think I'm going to turn this into a longer story. Got an idea for it and everything. :)

So, the prompts for this week are:

  • dandelion
  • keys
  • storm
  • girth
  • ascertain 
Take a stab with the words then let me see what you got!

Good luck with everything y'all are working on!



  1. Fun, I would love to belong to such a group! As it is I've got my online critiquing group and that's it :D

  2. Hey! cheers for stopping by :) Re: the critiquing group, we use pbworks to share our stories and give each other feedback. Most of us are focusing on writing novel-length material, though in the new year we're going to start a short story writing challenge. at present most of us have several works being critiqued, but it's kind of slow going as everyone's busy. Still, we get nice in-depth critiques, and then do our rewrites, and have our chapters critiqued again and have to do yet more rewriting...it seems endless, sometimes. ;) But it has really helped me at least.


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