Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So much stuff!!

Let's do a bullet list!

  • In total, I've sent out 16 queries, 10 of those I sent last night (which is suicide, I know). I've gotten 5 1/2 'no's so far.
  • So, I decided to re-write my query. It's a little more poppy, and the summary is a little more grabby. I'll send out some more letters and see if this one works any better.
  • I've, sadly, had to drop out of the 60k/60 days, because I hate my characters. When I designed my new set of kids, they were supposed to be one way. Well, they've just turned into little monsters! I want to just kill them all! So I'm going to delete most of what I have, redo my characters, and re-write it. This makes re-write number 5, or something like that.
  • I have an account on quertracker.net, so if anyone wants to be my pen pal, add me! My sn is PiratingYourDreams
  • School sucks, end of story, lol
Okay, so that's about it. Doesn't seem like so much when it's written out like that, but it feels like more. *huff huff pant pant*

All right! Let's get to this!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

That's Amore!

I won a beautiful copy of Cinder by Marissa Meyer and while I'm only in the first 100 pages of it, I'm loving it! I definitely suggest you pick it up and read it.

But that's not the point of my post!

Upon reading the beginning of Cinder, I found myself missing something.

Working on my crime is fun. I love it, and it has hints of a blooming romance in the background. But it's not the all in-your-face-this-is-LOVE! kind of thing. And yes, I know that's not really how a romance is, and no, I don't think Cinder is a YA romance, it still hit that longing in me. When Cinder first sees the prince and she's all star stuck and in love but NO! She must hide it! She must deny it!

That's amore!
I need to come up with a romance plot, after I finish part 2 of my crime, and finish my futuristic sci-fi dystopian, then! Then I will have my romance!

Or maybe Valentine's Day just gave me indigestion.

Either way, I will have it!

Anything giving you indigestion--I mean, inspiration lately?


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lets try this on for size

by Hot99@Source
Back when I first started writing part two of my lovely Doc books, I had to rewrite it about five times. Because it NEVER turned out right. None of them would work for what I wanted.

I'm sure that's nothing new to any of you writers out there. It's a fact of life.

As a note, I hate re-writing. I feel the first try is normally the best. i hate having to re-write a whole scene. Adding things to make it better, sure. Expanding on something, sure. But completely changing it? That sucks.

Funny thing, my dad is a firm believer that your second draft is 10% shorter than your first draft. He was amazed that when I sent him my second draft or more edits, that I UPPED my work count by over a 1,000 words. Made me laugh, lol.

But I'm getting away from the point of my post! I think. I'm not even totally sure what the point is any more.

Oh! Right! I remember now!

In one of the first tries at writing this part two of my lovely part one, I had a scene where Delilah, my main character, meets the main-ish bad guy (he's the main bad guy's lackey) but she doesn't know it's him. She never even learns his name throughout the whole thing. Well, the story takes place up in Washington where it's rainy all the time, so it's pouring and he offers to buy her some hot chocolate, which she accepts.

The scene was so cute as he's being nice to her and they're talking, but then he has to leave because he got a call from his boss. Now, this lackey is really hot and she's got a crush on him, but thinks she'll never see him again, so on and so forth.

Such a cute scene!

But it had to be cut, because when I rewrote all but my prologue, it just didn't fit with the new story line. My favorite scene had to be cut! Le sigh!

Well, I decided I was going to keep the scene, but I'd have to redo it to fit...

It's not bad, but it's not as cute as the first one was. She obviously know's who he is now and he comes across weird, for some reason. Not like typical weird, just like... subtly off in the head or something. But-- OH MY GOD! My subconscious just let out a little nugget of golden information! But I won't tell you. Because it'll ruin things for you. Hehehe.

Any how. That's my dilemma. My poor, adorable scene.... I guess I'll just keep holding on to it and use it as a bonus thing when I get published.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. All pun intended. :P

This happened to any of you guys out there? How do you deal with it?


PS, I just realized that I have more outtake from this first 13,000 words than I did for my whole 65,600 words of the first one. That's messed up.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today's the Day!!

I have a new banner!! Look how bloody awesome it is!!!

I can't say enough how much I LOVE this! And Dominique is so professional, she kept me in on every stage, made sure I liked what she had before moving on, and she's an awesome artist!

So go look at her stuff: http://dgamm562.daportfolio.com/ Send other people to her site. Commission her, cause she's awesome. Awesome I tell you!

I also got a caricature from her, which is lovely, too! I'll show ya now
I'm gunna go snuggle my art now, lol

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