Thursday, July 14, 2011

What do you think?

I have a question for the readers and writers amongst my followers.

Do you think it would date my book to have two characters bond over a book that is kind of obviously going to be a best seller for a while?

A little explanation. I'm thinking of having a background character and his deceased best friend have bonded over the Harry Potter books, because one of them is named George and the other is Fred. Now I know people bond over names (me and my best friend bonded at first because we have the same name, save for one letter in the spelling), and people can bond over books. BUT would it date my book if this happened to be mentioned? I don't know if it'll be mentioned or not, since I think the guy will only show up once, maybe twice.


  1. I think Harry Potter is probably going to be one of those long-lasting phenomenons. and if worse came to worst you could always say that these friends' mothers made them read Harry Potter, like they did when THEY were kids... ;)

  2. @Trisha, that actually works. Though the kids are orphans, so it'd have to be because it was the book the foster parent happen to pick to read to them. But that is an awesome idea! Thanks!

  3. Another thing to consider: dating a book actually helps ground the reader to time and place. I agree that the HP thing will probably be around for a long time, too. Add in the fact that one of the characters is dead, and he might be clinging to the past in some ways, the HP books being part of that. In fact, because they bonded over these books, that might be part of how BOTH of them cling to the past. Never underestimate the power of nostalgia, especially in writing.


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